How do you recover from over a decade as a government leader? Become a leader in your own community…

And if that sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve visited my LinkedIn profile. If you’re a client looking for more information about my career and qualifications, you’ll find it there.

If you’re someone who is interested in going a little deeper, learning more about my life, and reading my observations and conclusions about a life differently lived, stay awhile. Let me know what you think. Tell me who empowers you, who you’re empowering, and where you fit in some fun.


I love to help people, I love to help people be successful, I love to help people laugh, I love to help people through difficult times, I love to help people love their lives. I am a mom, a soccer coach, a youth group leader, a career Chief of Staff, and a friend. If you or your team need some help, reach out.



Over the past six weeks I have been cultivating a more mindful and meditative routine. I have anxiety. While my baseline mood is lower than it was in my previous life, I still have moments and phases where that little monster still pokes his head into every day life. Mindfulness and meditation always help me …


You can contact me through email at kai (at) kaifawn.com. You can also find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The lights are always on. Except when I’m asleep.